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NewAgeSupastore specialises in holistic and new age products and services. From Remote Viewing to Your Stars for 2014 and our new online Bookshop!

Our new online psychics service allows you to order a psychic reading from a reliable psychic at SuperPsychics Online


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contains for the month of January details about the '2014 International Psychics Directory', listing some of the best psychics you are likely to find anywhere.



PSI Course


' The Art of Self Love is a psychic healing meditation CD by Simon Turnbull.

The first in a series, it will help you love yourself more through self healing, as well as help improve your love life.



Please contact us if you require any information or think your products or services could compliment our range.


For those of you who have wanted to get an accurate Tarot reading, learn about Tarot, or just plain curious about the subject, this is the place for you. If you`d like a personal reading, click here.

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APA 30th Anniversary Party

The APA thirtieth anniversary party, held in August last year, had hundreds of party-goers from all over Australia.

This year, on Saturday 23rd August, we will be celebrating the IPA’s first anniversary party at the same venue.


Click here to view photos of APA 30th party.

IPA 1st Anniversary Party

The International Psychics Association is celebrating it's 1st Anniversary at a huge party that is not to be missed. Set aside Saturday, the 23rd August, 2014 to be at a special venue near Sydney Airport to meet the biggest group of top Australian psychics ever to be found in one place.

Psychics are coming from every state in Australia including up to 350 members and their guests. There will also be an allocation made for members of the public to join in on the festivities.



You can make your booking by clicking on 'more information' and also pay for your exclusive ticket online. Do so as quickly as possible so as to not miss out.

There will be many surprise events, including most of the 'Psychic of the Year' award winners, brand new awards, and much, much more!

More information

australian psychic assoc.

The Australianl Psychics Associationwas founded in 1983. It has been upgraded to the International Psychics Association as of 1st July 2013. It was originally set up as a public information organization, presenting lectures and workshops on a wide variety of psychic-related subjects. Pick a Psychic online

If you wish to support the association, you may join here



If you would like to advertise in 2015 International Psychics Directory, please send your interest by email.




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