New Age News

May 2002

Skip Atwater Appearing at Conference in Australia



Skip Atwater - Director of the Monroe Institute in the USA, and author of "Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul", will be appearing at the next Nexus Conference, being held on 25th & 26th May 2002 at the Rex Hotel, Potts Point, Sydney, Australia. His presentation will describe the Hemi-Sync process; remote-viewing training plus actual recordings of Joe McMoneagle's remote viewing of Mars.

The Nexus Conference was orginally scheduled for Sept. 15-16, 2001, but had to be rescheduled due to half of the speakers being stranded in the USA after the September 11 tragedy.

Other cutting-edge information, given by a range of speakers, will include:

* September 11 and what is behind the so-called "War on Terror"

* Evidence of ancient global, high-tech civilisations (Atlantis?)

* The future for Alternative Health in Australia after Codex becomes law

* Prophecies, Predictions and the Future

* Out-Of-Body Realities

* Strategies for Dissidents

* Big Brother and the New World Order

* Internet security and hacking protection

* Hormones in the environment

* Biowarfare plus who is behind AIDS & other viruses?

* Free energy research in Australia

* Strange creatures in Australia (Yowies, Bunyips etc)

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