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October 2001

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Fate Magazine Changes Hands

Since 1948, Fate Magazine has been published and distributed around the world. Co-founders Curtis and Mary Fuller wanted the magazine to keep a certain 'magic' alive in people's lives in their magazine. They certainly succeeded.

"When we write a story about the mind," they stated in an early office memo, "all the direction of that story and the efforts of that story should be in writing about the miracles of the mind—the magical accomplishments of that mind."

" In a world of materialism," they continued, "people have lost faith in magic. Yet, from that same materialistic world, the members of the SPR [Society for Psychical Research], and the researchers at Duke [University], have recreated the basis for a new belief in magic. The science which destroyed magic has advanced to the point where belief in magic again becomes scientifically possible."

The new owner is Phyllis Galde. When the Fullers decided to retire in 1988, they sold FATE to Llewellyn, and we did our best to carry on with their intent. Today, however, it is time to pass the torch yet again. Phyllis Galde is a long-time editor of FATE and a long-time devotee of the magic and mysteries of this world.

For over 50 years FATE has brought you true reports of the unusual, mysterious, and the paranormal from around the world. These are reports that reveal a “reality” that is deeper and richer than commonly taught in our schools, a world far more marvelous and a universe more wonderful.


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