New Age News

January 2002

Book Review


The Deeper Wound

Recovering the Soul from Fear and Suffering

by Deepak Chopra

Tragedy can come to thousands, out of the blue, from a single act of malice that may affect a whole generation. Or it can appear in just one person's life, and cause the same amount of agony.

After the events in New York in early September, Deepak Chopra was asked by many how to deal with the feelings that have arisen from this tragedy; fear, the meaning of death and how to find your 'higher self' living through catastrophic circumstances.

In Part One of The Deeper Wound, Deepak Chopra's medical and spiritual expertise comes together to give accessible and comforting advice on how to work through panic, fear, anxiety and anger. It deals with both the physical and emotional symptoms in the many stages and situations they arise.

Part Two takes Chopra's words of compassion and advice from Part One and brings them into practical use. I is entitled A Hundred Days of Healing, and provides an affirmation and lesson for each day. Each affirmation is a step away from fear and pain, and a step towards health and healing.

Reviewed by Hiromi Mitsuya.

Paperback released in December 2001.


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