New Age News

January 2002

Book Review


How to Know God

The Soul's Journey Into the Mystery of Mysteries

by Deepak Chopra

This book is a new book by a guy who seems to live to write. With his output he must write in his sleep.

Nonetheless, Chopra has this time pulled off a magnificent job by showing exactly how we can change the world by changing ourselves.

Drawing on an immense wealth of knowledge, from quantum physics to the physiology of the brain, from genetics to ESP, he makes a clear case for the idea that our brains are hardwired to find God. He breaks new ground by insisting that - now we have so much information about quantum physics and many other fields - God's existence is no more implausible than is Schroedinger's cat (you know, the one who lives down the lane).

Anyways, the Dalai Lama was moved to agree with Dr. Chopra's view when he said, "If we want to change the world, we have to begin by changing ourselves. This is the same message that I have always been conveying."

Reviewed by Hiromi Mitsuya

Released by Rider in January 2002.

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