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January 2012

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2012 Australian Psychics Directory

Your Complete Psychic Guide

In shops in Australia and New Zealand once again from early January, this psychic guide has the most extensive list of professional psychics and psychic services you'll ever need for 2012.

Celebrating the work of members of the Australian Psychics Association, it includes the Psychic of the Year Awards plus the Psychic Hall of Fame Awards for 2012.

Included are the contact details of accurate psychics nationwide for you to peruse, complete with their phone numbers, email addresses, web sites and much more.

Articles include a section about Pet Psychics by Amanda De Warren and Donna Abraham and in another section Tarot courses available by various members. An article about the One Season 2 by Stacey Demarco is also included.

Also included are 'Your Year by the Stars for 2012', plus an interview about her online adventures. There are other articles on dreams, mediumship, Reiki, orbs, palmistry, past life, soul chi energy, Nostradamus and much more.

Mitchell Coombes is interviewed about his career and his best-selling book called 'Sensing Spirit'. Barry Eaton also talks about his new book 'Afterlife'.

Published by APA/Metier Media. Available in January 2012. AUD $6.95.


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Magazine contributors include Elisabeth Jensen, Hiromi Mitsuya, Francis Bevan, Simon Turnbull, Robin Stein, KristyV, Mitchell Coombes, Maureen Perry and Jacquelene Close Moore.

Available in newsagencies all around Australia or call 61 2 9368 1177.


Order online - AUD $6.95, plus $3.05 postage & handling within Australia

International Orders - AUD $24.09, inclusive of postage & handling


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