New Age News

March 2004

Book Review


Billy Roberts' 10-Step Psychic Development Programme

How to unlock your psychic potential

By Billy Roberts.

Billy Roberts is one of Britain’s top stage psychics and a leading authority on developing psychic abilities. In this book he details his 10-step plan for developing those skills, and gives you valuable tips on how to increase your awareness and communicate better with the world around you.

He has worked as a professional medium, healer and lecturer for 25 years. He runs the Billy Roberts Paranormal Study Centre in Liverpool, England, offering courses and workshops for all those interested in the paranormal and related subjects.

Billy is the author of eight books, including his autobiography ‘Beneath the Wings of Angels’, and has appeared on numerous television programmes both in the UK and internationally.

Well worth reading if you need an overview of what being a psychic is all about.

Reviewed by Hiromi Mitsuya.

Released by Piatkus Books AUD $34.95.



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