New Age News

April 2003

Book Review


Beyond Fear

The Teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz

As Recorded by Mary Carroll Nelson

The Four Agreements has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide and been translated into 27 languages. Its simple message has touched a chord with its readers and turned it into a word-of-mouth bestseller.

In it, don Miguel Ruiz explains that, in order to practise The Four Agreements, we must move beyond fear. Fear alienates us from the joy that is our birthright. It is only when we can dispense with fear and judgement that we can achieve The Mastery of Love.

Don Miguel Ruiz trained as a medical doctor and a surgeon, but is also a nagual (one with the ability to guide others to spirit). He has been initiated as a Master of Intent in the Toltec tradition. In Beyond Fear, Mary Carroll Nelson records his teachings on how to make the journey from fear to a state of empowerment — but also offers:

• The elements of Toltec wisdom and the spiritual practice that is the basis of The Four Agreements.

• Tools for transformation: exercises and ceremonies for shedding fear, judgement and guilt

• An imaginary journey to Teotihuacán, the sacred centre of Nagual teaching.

• Information on life after death, as well as prophecies about the evolution of humanity.

• Biographical information on don Miguel Ruiz and his training with his curandera mother, the famous healer, Mother Sarita.

Beyond Fear is an unusual and practical book — an essential companion to The Four Agreements which the millions of followers of the teachings of don Miguel Ruiz will need to accompany them on their journey towards freedom and joy.

Published by Rider Feb. 2003






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