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May 2003

Book Review


Intuition & Beyond

A Step-by-Step Approach to discovering Your Inner Voice

By Sharon A. Klingler

Be more successful at choosing the right people in your personal and professional relationships? Create abundance and financial freedom? Recognise the best opportunities and people at the very moment they present themselves to you? Improve your health and sense of well-being? Discover a greater purpose in life?

Whatever it is that you would like to accomplish, you can achieve it simply by using a gift that you already have.

Inside every one of us there is an expert that has the skills to help us succeed in all our endeavours. This expert is our own intuition. And with Sharon Klingler's punchy and witty guidance, we can learn to pay attention to its intuitive voice and reap the rewards of its wisdom everyday.

Through enjoyable 'Breakthrough exercises' and straight-forward 'Ready, Set, Go' activities, Intuition and Beyond shows both the beginner and experienced intuitive how to access their inner voice and gain an immediate insight into any new situation. Down-toearth and extremely practical, this enlightening handbook presents fascinating examples of how notable people, past and present, have used intuition to inform their most important decisions and includes a brilliant A B C guide to help you apply the advice to all areas of your life. Accessible, effective and fun, Intuition and Beyond will give you the key to realise the personal and professional success and joy that awaits you.


About the Author

Well-known in the media throughout America and the South Pacific, Sharon Klingler is a leading international intuitive.

Sharon was originally inspired to investigate greater consciousness as a result of her profound experiences as an identical twin. In 1980 she began providing private consultations in mediumship and classes in reincarnation, meditation, crystals and psychic development. Over the years it has grown into a busy private practice with high profile clients from around the globe.

Random House Australia 20 Alfred Street Milsons Point NSW 2062

For more information, please contact: Jane Alexander, Ph: (02) 8923 9834

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