New Age News

June 2001

Book Review



Thoughts, Prayers and Rituals for Everyday Life

by Marianne Williamson

Building a personal sense of spirituality, rather than the traditional religious approach, seems to be the way things are evolving these days. More and more people want to build a personal bridge in their attempt to communicate with God/The Goddess.

In 'Illuminata', Marianne Williamson shows how we can bring spirituality into our daily lives through a combination of prayer and rituals.

The prayers are part affirmation in the sense that there appears to be every possible human need catered for, with a relevant prayer for each one.

'Iluminata' covers all denominations and beliefs, so it truly is a useful tool no matter what your spiritual persuasion. It certainly helped me put a better focus on what I want to achieve in my life at the moment.

Marianne Williamson has been a lecturer on metaphysics and spirituality since 1983. Her previous book, 'Healing the Soul of America', had a profound effect when it came out.

'Illuminata' seems destined to extend the healing techniques to the rest of the world.

Reviewed by Hiromi Mitsuya

Released in April 2001. Rider Books.

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