New Age News

June 2004

Book Review


Psychic Sexuality

The Bio-Psychic "Anatomy" of Sexual Energies

By Ingo Swann

"In 'Psychic Sexuality', Swann explores many of the reasons why knowledge of basic life-enhancing processes is denied, even prohibited. He suggests that should "we, the people" ever learn how to consciously amplify and utilize the psychic force through us and through all that is, then all bets are off." So says Paula Gunn Allen about Ingo Swann's book.

A lust for power is behind mankind's problems such as war, poverty, disease, and phenomena of too subtle to quite comprehend.

Understanding the energies that propel us into propagating the human race would go a long way towards achieving a modicum of peace.

In this book Ingo Swann attempts just that, with a depth of research not found in most books on the subject. Looking at the psychic side of sexual contact is an eye-opener. You'll never look back.

Published by Ingo Swann Books 1999. Paperback. Buy here


Ingo Swann is appearing at the 2004 Remote Viewing Conference this month!

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