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July 2001

Book Review



A Living Saint

By Judith Cornell

It's not everyday you get to be nominated as a saint, much less one that still breathes the air of life. Ammachi is one of those rare individuals who can lay claim to a clear line to God.

This biography is brimming with inspirational anecdotes, written by an avowed religious skeptic, so you know it has to be objective.

Judith Cornell spent eleven years in her attempt to understand who Ammachi really was. Was she someone who could turn someone's life around with a single hug, or was she just good at empathising with her audience?

Deepak Chopra has paid her the compliment of calling her a master healer. Certainly you will be amazed, as I was, by her enormous commitment to spirituality.

Ultimately we are all the sum total of our acts whilst on this planet. Ammachi proves in this book that through her acts of kindness she has ammassed a great karmic credit, and that we can all do the same, if only we try.

Reviewed by Hiromi Mitsuya.

Released in July 2001. Bantam Books.



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