New Age News

September 2002

Book Review


Age Power

The Revolutionary Path to Natural High-tech Rejuvenation.

by Leslie Kenton

Ageing can be a journey into power instead of a path to degeneration. You just need the know-how, and in Age Power Leslie Kenton gives you all the practical information you can use to transform your life and reverse your biological age in medically measurable ways.

You will discover:

Coenzyme A - primordial powerhouse for initiating energy, hormone and brain chemical production and regeneration.

A diet that will rejuvenate your body right here right now.

A revolutionary anti-oxidant - a thousand times more potent than vitamin C.

Natural hormones to transform your looks, energy and sex life.

Age Power will change forever the way you look at age and your future. It sure opened my eyes to what I could be doing to make my life more creative and full of joy and energy

Reviewed by Hiromi Mitsuya.

Published in September 2000 by Vermilion





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