New Age News

November 2001

Book Review


Grow Younger, Live Longer

By Deepak Chopra with David Simon

Human aging is reversible. Scientific research shows that we can literally turn back the markers of getting old, including blood pressure, muscle strength, cholestrol levels and many others. Using the tools in this book, you can learn specific strategies for melting away those biological years so you can feel, perform and look like you did as many as fifteen years ago.

Grow Younger, Live Longer is a complete manual for renewal. In these pages you will find a simple programme, at the heart of which are ten essential steps. If you incorporate these into your weekly routine, your age-reversal process will be very soon under way.

Combining all the knowledge and pioneering spirit that made Ageless Body, Timeless mind into a huge international bestseller, with all the latest discoveries in mind/body medicine, Grow Younger, Live Longer will show millions of readers round the world how they can achieve a long life filled with joy and vitality.

Reviewed by Hiromi Mitsuya.

Paperback released in November 2001. Random House.


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