New Age News

December 2001

Book Review


The Don't Sweat Guide for Grandparents

By Richard Carlson, Ph.D.

Being a grandparent isn't what it used to be: today's adult children and grandchildren are living more rushed, full-to-the-brim lives, and it's often difficult for grandparents to figure out how to fit into such hectic schedules.

In addition, many grandparents help out with child care, and may have mixed feelings about it, or simply need some advice on today's kids. This guide introduces such topics as:

Develop the family team

Start (and end) with a clean slate

Remember the things you weren't allowed to do

Refine the art of saying "yes"

Introduce them to gratitude

Believe (and make believe) again

These and many other issues will help you deal with your new family role.

Reviewed by Hiromi Mitsuya.

Released by Bantam Books December 2001.


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