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December 2003

Book Review


The Seventh Sense

The Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told by a "Psychic Spy" for the U.S. Military

By Lyn Buchanan

For the past thirty years, the United States government has secretly trained a select corps of military personnel in the art of "remote viewing" - the psychic ability to perceive the thoughts and experiences of others through the power of the human mind...

Now, for the first time, Lyn Buchanan - a world-renowned expert on remote viewing and its potential - tells the complete, candid story of his experiences. Assigned for nearly a decade to a clandestine U.S. Army intelligence group, Buchanan trained military personnel who utilized their inherent psychic abilities as a data-collection tool during the Iran hostage crisis, the Chernobyl disaster, and the Gulf War.

Having read many of the other books on remote viewing, by Skip Atwater, Joseph McMoneagle, Dale Graff, etc., one comes to the conclusion that everyone does indeed see the same thing, but have different experiences in the perception of it.

Certainly Lyn Buchanan has a control-freak's approach to remote viewing which is less apparent with most of the others. However, that may be more an indication of his personality than the subject matter itself.

Well worth reading for the added dimension. As the Chinese say, everything serves to further.

Reviewed by Hiromi Mitsuya

Released in 2003 by Paraview Pocket Books New Age. Softcover. US$14.00.











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